Posted on Apr 4, 2020

A. Andrew Harrison CPA PC

Mr. Harrison is Certified Public Accountant since November 1992. AAndrew Harrison CPA PC is a Certified Public Accountant firm based in Brooklyn New York USA. The firm has developed a tax software,back in 2010, to compete in the national online tax preparation industry. It has limited resources to advertise and market the tax software and is seeking, free of charge, business network firms to help.

The tax software has passed Internal Revenue Service(IRS) and New York State Department of Taxation(NYS) reviews for forms 1120, 1120-s, 1120F, 1040, CT3, etc. The tax software is developed with passion from scenarios given by the IRS and NYS. The software is developed from Javascript, HTML and XML. The software is not a do it yourself software. When a client registers on the website they are given a Microsoft word password protected file to send all their data and the accounting firm prepares and e-file the tax return to IRS or NYS.

The ideal customer: Customer who has Microsoft word installed and internet access and e-mail account. Must have scanner or camera to take pictures of documentation and must feel comfortable in working from home or office and sending documents to the accountant.

License in New York State. Serving businesses of all types nationwide.
Accounting, auditing, reviews and compilations
We are headquartered in Crown Heights, Kings County, Brooklyn, New York.
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